About Us

Today, we find ourselves in a world of mass production, where there are thousands of the same pieces of jewelry and other apparel sold across the country. Trying to stand out from the crowd and achieve a sense of individuality becomes a challenge when you’re fighting the tide of mass consumerism. That’s why our exceptional collection of custom designer, antique, and expertly restored estate jewelry appeal to those who want to have something as unique as they are.

At Gemcitygems, we specialize in rare and mined-out gemstones such as Paraiba Tourmalines, Watermelon Tourmalines, Tanzanites, Colombian Emeralds, Fancy Colored Diamonds, and more. Each piece of jewelry that passes through our shop is one of a kind; and we pride ourselves in our fine collection of hand selected, expertly restored estate jewelry. We travel across the United States to various multi-million dollar estate sells acquiring only the finest and most rare antique, vintage, and modern pieces of jewelry.

Each piece undergoes a thorough process of examination, setting, restoration, cleaning, and polishing by a Master GIA Graduate Gemologist. It is then packaged in an exquisite brand new natural redwood and leather ring box, shipped via USPS First Class Mail with signature tracking and insurance, and sent directly to the customer for enjoyment. 

We are a family run business, and as such we are dedicated to excellent customer service and will work hard to ensure that you not only have a memorable jewelry shopping experience, but are confident and happy with your purchase as well.

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